Landmines and polio are declining, but Mobility Carts are still needed

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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update 9/19/17

The good news is that two of the major causes of the need for the kind of mobility that Mobility Worldwide (PET) provides are in decline.

First, landmines are no longer used in any large amount in “modern” wars. For that, we can be grateful. Now the task remains to remove those millions still in the ground.

In 1968 Thuong Ngyen stepped on a landmine. This father of six is a cobbler and received a cart in 2006.

Second, polio is almost ended. Last year only 10 live cases existed in the world, in Pakistan, and in Afghanistan. The ongoing wars there have caused a lack of vaccinations.

Read how Jerry and Ireen connected in Zambia. She had polio when she was young.

Millions of the leg handicapped still have polio, but new cases will not emerge.
In this column I want to lift up and pay tribute to those organizations that have made possible the almost unbelievable task of eradicating polio from this Earth. I am a Rotarian, and proud of our part in that work. Continual vaccinations will be needed for some time, worldwide. A new three year program is ready to start. Here is a listing of those groups/individuals that have given the big money. This is a three year total commitment:
** $450 million – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
** $155 million – Pakistan
** $150 million – Rotary Foundation
** $135 million – Nigeria
** $130 million – United Kingdom
** $ 75 million – Canada
** $ 61 million – European Commission
** $ 55 million – Japan
** $ 30 million – United Arab Emirates
** $ 30 million – Dalio Foundation
** $ 25 million – Bloomberg Foundation
** $ 15 million – Anonymous
** $ 13 million – Australia
** $ 11 million – Germany
** Fourteen other groups or countries gave from $5 million to $20,000.
Those groups, and others, are doing the awesome task of removing from this Earth the dread disease of polio. Our Mobility Carts will still be needed in great numbers, but less often the need will be listed as “polio” going forward. (List of Reasons folks need carts.)
“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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