From Mel West, Mobility Worldwide co-founder:

More reports from PETs delivered to The Republic of Georgia:
***Merab Imerlishvili, 46, has Little’s Disease and congenital paraparesis of the lower extremities.
He said, “My only consolation are my books. They help me to live.” His new PET allowed him to accompany his little son to school. “It was my dream,” he said, “that I could go with him to school on the first of September. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

*** We found 65-year-old Mikheil Chaganaya lying on the bed in his dark, shabby room. Ten years ago his legs were amputated because of gangrene. His old wheelchair broke three years ago and his family could not afford a new one. He lives with his wife, who cannot carry him out.
“I have not seen the sun for three years,” he said, as he rode outside on his PET.
*** Beruchashvili Mzia, from Tkibuli, cannot walk because of severe coxarthritis. She did not leave her flat for four years. Thanks to the PET she is now driving in the street. “Now I can go out. What a happiness,” she said.
I remind you that it was Earl Miner, from Marshfield, MO, a volunteer, who designed the PET (now Mobility Cart). Over 70,000 of the Mobility Carts have been made by volunteers and given out in 104 countries to folks like those mentioned above.
Mel West

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