IHTC: hemophilia patient Alex gets around with his Mobility Cart

From Indiana HTC: Did you know @indiana_htc staff are currently on their 16th trip to Kenya?
They write: “The trip is going well so far. We managed to make a home visit to a disabled hemophilia patient to deliver a mobility cart. This patient, Alex, previously had to be carried everywhere – around the house/yard, to school, around school. Now he’s able to get around with limited assistance.” Happy healthy smiles like these make all the difference! Many thanks to @giftofmobility for their donation of the mobility cart in assisting Alex in becoming more independent.

Staff have been participating in the @ampathkenya Partners Summit and making home visits this week, and they’ll host a hemophilia clinic and conduct more home visits and education/training before returning to Indiana.

Here’s wishing our staff the very best through the rest of their trip.

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