Identifying recipients and delivering Mobility Carts in Sierra Leone

The first of the three photos is of Mohamed, a 12 years old boy we found last month in Shama village on Shabro Island in Sierra Leone. We travelled there by hired boat from Bonthe. Mohamed was badly burnt when he was two years old and received no treatment. He now walks with great difficulty and some pain. In January a mobility cart will be transported to him by boat under the guidance of Chernor Barrie and Sulaiman Capay our wonderful volunteers in Bonthe. We know Mohamed will be able to ride it because we took a cart with us in the boat and he tested it.

Over three days we visited 13 remote villages on Shabro Island and on the Turtle Islands, finding a total of ten disabled people of all ages who need mobility carts. Most of these people had never seen a cart before. With support from Ibrahim and Sheriff all will have their carts by the end of January. The total cost of distributing ten carts and five wheelchairs is about £1200 which will be met by this Trust with funds from individual donors in the UK.

Thanks as always for providing these life-changing carts and enabling us to get them to disabled children and adults in remote parts of Sierra Leone. It’s a great partnership.

Kevin Curley CBE
Chair of the Trustees
Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust UK

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