From Mel West, Mobility Worldwide co-founder:
Here are a couple of responses from the PETs sent to The Republic of Georgia:
*** Mikheil Turkhasveli, 14, has infantile paralysis. We had some doubts about the ability of the boy to drive the PET.
Two months after the delivery of the PET we visited the boy and learned an amazing story. When Mikheil tried to drive independently he fell out of the PET. His parents were afraid he might hurt himself and told the boy they had to return the PET so that someone else could use it. The boy told them, “God sent me this PET. People in America worked hard to make it so I could use it. I will learn to use it.”

His father told us that Mikheil kept trying and trying again, and by the end of the third week, he did it. We saw the boy driving the PET, and looking at him no one would have thought he ever had problems with it. That speaks highly of the rehab abilities of the PET.”
*** Vladimer Jibladze, 54, had both legs amputated because of endarteritis. He made himself a little board on wheels to be able to move. When given the PET he immediately got on it and said, “For the first time in 8 years I can look people in the eye.”
Those are two typical stories out of over 70,000 other stories just like them.
Mel West