Hastings will go far with Mobility Cart

Hastings Yamiasi on his mobility unit

From Shattered plans turn to expectation:
By Malawi Project | November 5, 2019

Chikulele Village, Central Malawi … It is hard when dreams are dashed and your goal of becoming a teacher dissolves in failure, because you cannot even complete your own education. This happened to Hastings Yamiasi, the first-born son in a Malawi family of four.

Twenty years-ago the family rejoiced at the birth of their lovely son, and while they moved from place to place over the years, young Hastings struggled with legs that would not work properly. From birth his mother carried him on her back everywhere they went. But by the time he was 11 he was too heavy for her to carry him any longer. Hastings did not lose hope, and the family was able to gain a wheelchair from some contributors. He was on the way to reaching his dream of becoming a teacher when he graduated from school. However, the wheelchair broke down and could not be repaired. There was no other means of transportation for him to get around. Gone was his education. Gone were his plans to become a teacher. Gone was his future. Everything was gone, gone, gone.

Then, thanks to the cooperation between the Malawi Project and Mobilities Ministries, Action for Progress was able to deliver mobility unit # 1810 to Hastings. He peddled around the village and his dreams came back. He expressed his delight and satisfaction with the quality and durability of the unit, and said with a smile, “How, I will go far.” Yes, Hastings, you will go far. May your dreams of becoming a teacher come true and may this mobility unit make it happen.

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