GVF: Wayan enjoys Gift of Mobility Cart

From Global Village Foundation Bali:


Wayan Sariasa is 43 years old. He lives alone in the village of Sangsit, in North Bali. Disabled since birth, he has never owned, or could afford a wheelchair. His mother left the family home when he was still just a young child. He was raised, and cared for by his Father. When his father died suddenly in 2009, Wayan was left alone, to care for himself. It was a ‘sink or swim’ moment. With the help of friends, and kind neighbours, he was able to convert a small part of the tiny home he had inherited from his Father into a small shop (Warung) selling basic groceries from the window to his neighbors. It is because of the kindness of his neighbors towards him, that he is able to survive, and make a small living.
Wayan can walk a few meters when he needs to, but, because of his disability, it is very painful for him to do so. He has not been more than the few meters he is able to walk, from his home in more than 30 years
Global Village heard about Wayan’s plight from other Villagers living nearby. On December 20th, the Global Village team arrived unannounced to Wayan’s small warung to deliver Wayan a big surprise, his first ever wheelchair, a MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart.
He was absolutely delighted. As our team departed, Wayan took off on his new Mobility Cart, accompanied by a small troop of young caring friends to explore the neighborhood he had lived in, but not seen in over 30 years. His days of exploration, and new adventures have only just begun. Please enjoy the short video. The day Wayan (after 43 years) received the gift of Mobility, and a whole new found freedom.

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