From Global Village Foundation Bali:

Friday January 31 2020.
The Global Village Foundation team traveled today to the south of Bali to the village of Pandak Bandung in Tabanan Regency to meet with our friends from Yayasan Remagi Bali (Tabanan), and to deliver to a young disabled boy, a brand new ‘MOBILITY WORLDWIDE’ Mobility Cart.

Putu Adi is just 14 years old. He was born 2 months prematurely with a mild form of Cerebral palsy, and some disability in his lower legs. He has never been able to walk. Because of his physical disabilities he has also never been to school. Mentally, he is very capable of attending school. For the past six months he has been receiving physiotherapy twice a week at The Legong Anak Bangsa Medical centre in Gianyar, and is said to be making good progress. He is a very happy young man, with a very caring family, a great smile, and a wonderful sense of humour. With his new Mobility cart, he will quickly learn that the gift of mobility is going to bring him many new opportunities, including, we hope, the chance finally of an education. Thank you to our friends at Yayasan Remagi, especially to Guz Baronk Remagi Bali who joined us for the day. We look forward to more collaborating, & working with you, the Yayasan Remagi team in the near future. Please enjoy the short video attached; The day Putu Adi (aged 14) received the gift of Mobility.

A KIND REQUEST TO ALL YAYASANS/CHARITIES & COMMUNITY GROUPS IN BALI. We would love to hear from any Foundations/Charities. Community groups, or Individuals in Bali, caring for poor disabled persons, people who you think would benefit from a Mobility Cart.
Global Village Foundation (based in North Bali) currently has a limited number of MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Adult Mobility Carts in stock, also a number of WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS Childrens Wheelchairs in stock.

Let us work together with you, Global Village Foundation and your organization, to get these wheelchairs, and Mobility carts out there, to the poorest disabled people, Children & Adults alike, throughout Bali, who so desperately need them, to live healthier, happier lives. #Togetherisbetter. Together we can. Thank you. Om Shanti shanti shanti om.