From Global Village Foundation:

While the team was in Karangasem delivering the wheelchair to Ibu Made, they also took time out to deliver two new Mobility Carts to two young people in East Bali, also living with disabilities.
The first Mobility Cart was delivered to Ni Nyoman, a 29yr old young lady living in the village of Pangi Tebel, Karangasem. The 2nd Mobility cart was delivered on the day to Dewa Gede, a 21 year old man from the village of Kusamba in Klungkung Regency.
With a little practice, both Nyoman, and Dewa will soon be traveling far & wide on their new Mobility Carts, exploring new horizons in their neighborhoods, and beyond, previously not available to them due to their physical limitations.
Please enjoy the short video,
The day life changed for young Nyoman & Dewa.
Thank you so very much to all the wonderful volunteers at Mobility Worldwide USA for your gift today of Mobility to Nyoman & Dewa. ????????????.