From Global Village Foundation. Bali:

Wayan is 19 years old.
He is a popular, & very bright young man.
An only son, he lives with his Mother, Father, & grandmother in a small village near Bangli, in Central Bali.
Disabled since birth, it has not stopped him from seeking a full and active life.
Despite many difficulties Wayan & his family have worked very hard to ensure he received a full and formal education.
Over the years he has received several old used wheelchairs to help him get by, but they quickly break due to the rough terrain in the area. He has never owned a new wheelchair.
After hearing of Wayan’s need for a new wheelchair, the Global Village team were very pleased to deliver to him a brand-new ‘Rough terrain’ MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart on a recent visit to Central Bali. It will last him many years.
Having just finished 12 years of schooling with very good grades, and with very competent skills in all Microsoft Office programs, he is now seeking his first job in an administrative role in the Bangli area.
The new Mobility Cart will dramatically increase the area he will be able to seek & to find work. We wish him well as he begins his new career & ‘Adult’ life
Thank you to MOBILITY WORLDWIDE USA for today’s wheelchair, and to all our caring friends & sponsors who continue to support the work of Global Village Foundation????????????
Please enjoy the short video:
The day Wayan gets a whole new level of independence with his new Mobility Cart.