From Global Village Foundation:

Hairudi is 39 years old. Crippled by polio as a young boy, the disability has not stopped him from leading a full and active life. Growing up in Central Java, he missed out on school as a result of his disability, yet still managed to teach himself to read and write. When he was old enough he went in search of work, crawling on his hands through the streets, until he found someone willing to give him work. He eventually found work in a Bengkel (Mechanics Shop), and was taught the skills of the Car & Motobike mechanic. In his twenties, he found it very difficult to find continuous work in Java, so by hook, and by crook, made his way to Bali where he had extended family. He found a new job in a small Mechanics shop in North Bali, and has been here ever since. in 2009 he got married, and he & his wife have a nine-year-old daughter. He has never owned a new wheelchair, and up to now, has always had to crawl the 200meters along the road from his simple home to the Bengkel where he works. Difficult enough at the best of times, but in the heat of the day, almost impossible as the heat of the road surface would burn his hands, and knees. Yet he would always go into work, whatever the weather. Hairudi is a very tough determined man indeed. He was absolutely delighted when Global Village Foundation tracked him down to gift him a new Mobility Cart. He could hardly wait for the cart to be assembled before he jumped aboard, and took off down the street, almost running down our man Rudy in the process. A whole new world has suddenly opened up for him, and he is enjoying immensely his newfound mobility & freedom, Please enjoy the short video, The day Hairudi received his new Mobility Cart.