From Global Village Foundation. Bali:

Anybody who has holidayed, or spent any time at all in North Bali over the past few years, especially in the Lovina (Kalibukbuk) area, will know Komang.
Komang (32) is quite a legend, a local celebrity in North Bali, and with good reason.
Born prematurely with Cerebral palsy, with the odds stacked against him, he is a real battler in every sense. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, he gets around, living a full & active life!!.
For years he was confined to his home Village (Kalibukbuk) in the tourist area of Lovina, making his own way unassisted, around the small streets in an old worn-out standard wheelchair held together mostly by wire & string, restricted only in his yearning to travel by the limits placed upon him by his wheelchair.
Always popular with visiting tourists and resident Expats.
Always happy for a chat, or to be photographed for a cigarette, or a small amount of money to buy “Makan”.
In 2019 the Global Village team presented Komang with a brand new MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart.
Overnight, Komang’s world view changed beyond his wildest dreams.
No longer confined just to the village he grew up in, he was able to explore much further afield, and he did.
To ‘pedal’ his Mobility Cart 50 kms in a single day now is nothing unusual for Komang. He can often be found on his Mobility Cart at the markets in Singaraja, 15km East of his village, or in Seririt 18km to the west of his village. Sometimes in both places on the same day. His stamina is quite incredible. A combination of donated Caffeine, Nicotine, Rice, from local businesses, & loud pumping music would seem to keep him going throughout his busy day
In the 16 months that Komang has owned a Mobility Cart, we calculate he has ‘pedaled’ more than 12000 kilometers around North Bali!!
On January 6th 2021, we upgraded Komang’s MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart at the reopening ceremony of our ‘Not for Profit’ Global Village Foundation Kafe, and we also gave him a new part-time job, (Mobile Promotions).
With his new upgraded sign written Mobility Cart he goes wherever he chooses, whenever he chooses, & the hours he chooses, promoting the Global Village Foundation & Kafe, along his way in the process. In return he gets Rice & Groceries to help his family out each month,
As he likes to go out in all weathers, and at all times of the day, he was also very happy to have the new roof and lights fitted to his cart.
If you are in North Bali, and you see him around, be sure to say hello, he is a remarkable young man.
Thank you to all at MOBILITY WORLDWIDE USA for making it possible. God bless you.