GVF: Ketut, now 11, thriving after 3 years of Gift of Mobility Cart

“A few days ago the Global Village Team visited Patemon village in North Bali to revisit Ketut (aged 11).
The Global Village Foundation issued Ketut a Mobility Worldwide Child’s Mobility Cart 3 years ago. On this visit the team repaired Ketut’s Mobility Cart, replacing, and adjusting several parts to compensate for his growing, & make it more comfortable for him.
Ketut is also a recipient of the Global Village Foundation school sponsorship program (since 2018). He is very kindly sponsored for school by the wonderful children of Jurien Bay Primary School in Western Australia.
In September of last year Global Village were very pleased to issue Ketut with a new Laptop computer to help with his schooling, (photos attached) which he is also now using on a daily basis.
Ketut uses the computer to write at school, because he has difficulty holding a pen or pencil & writing with his hands. Without the Mobility Cart, or the laptop computer he would be unable to attend school at all.”

Name: Ketut
Country: Bali
Disability: not specified
Partner: Global Village Foundation

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