GVF: Ketut “thrilled” to receive Mobility Cart

From Global Village Foundation – Bali:

Ketut Agus is a bright, happy, ten year old boy. He lives near Seririt, in North Bali, with his healthy (15 minute older) twin brother, and their very caring family. He is disabled. He is one of more than forty disabled and/or disadvantaged Balinese children sponsored for school through the Global Village Foundation SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP program. The GVF team first met Ketut in 2017. At that time, he was not attending school. Firstly, because of his disability, (he did not own a wheelchair). Secondly, his parents could not afford to send both boys to school. Ketut so much, wanted to join his twin brother at school. The GVF team immediately provided Ketut with his first brand new ‘WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS’ wheelchair, with which he was delighted. We sought a school sponsor, and arranged for him to be enrolled at the same local school his brother attended, for the following term. Ketut is now sponsored for school by the children, & staff of the Jurien Bay District High school in Western Australia, and we say a big thank you to them for supporting him. As you can clearly see in the first photo, Ketut was absolutely thrilled recently to receive a brand new Hand-cranked Mobility Worldwide Mobility Cart from the Global Village team to replace his now well-used, & worn first wheelchair.

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