From Global Village Foundation – Bali:

03 DECEMBER 2020. The day Edy stepped from his Wheelchair to an Exercise Bicycle.
Edy is 25 years old. He lives in a small village in North West Bali.
Married in 2013, at age 18 to his childhood sweetheart, the newlyweds were quick to start a family. A beautiful boy arriving in the first year.
In 2016, disaster struck when Edy fell 5 meters from a Coconut tree, fracturing his spine, whilst harvesting Coconuts.
He spent several weeks at the public hospital, before returning home paralyzed from the waist down. His young wife, unable to cope with the stress of caring for her newly disabled husband, soon left the family home, and moved to the city.
Edy remained bedridden, and depressed for 3 years after the accident, never venturing outside of his house, the muscles in his legs, the flesh on his body, slowly wasting away.
The Global Village team first met Edy in October 2019, when asked to deliver to him a wheelchair. We delivered to him a MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart, which was perfect for his needs.
Edy’s immediate mobility problems were solved. Overnight, he became a happier, more positive young man. The more he used the Mobility cart to get around, the stronger his body became, with some feeling even returning into his legs.
For the past year, the GVF team have been visiting regularly, working with Edy to build up his strength, with exercise advice, & regular Food Aid support including food supplements & vitamins to boost his general health.
With today’s food parcel we were pleased to deliver an Exercise cycle, as part of our goal to get Edy back to great health, One year ago, Edy could not believe he would ever walk again
He has come a long way in 12 months. His determination & motivation to get better in such tough life circumstances is truly inspiring
Edy & his young son (now aged 6) are supported by Edy’s parents in their simple family home.
Edy’s parents make a small income ($2-$3 a day) collecting dead firewood from the Forest to resell, and other occasional casual work. This is what the family would normally survive on.
Since Covid began, even that income has dropped, casual work opportunities have dried up, & many more people are now collecting Firewood in the same area to sell, pushing down the price per bundle.
We continue to bring Food Aid parcels to Eddy & his family every 2-3 weeks.
We are hopeful, and Edy is confident, that within a few more months, he will be back on his feet, supporting his family, & once again, leading a full, active, & productive life