GVF.B: Mobility Cart opens new world for Komang

From Global Village Foundation.Bali:

23 APRIL 2021. Banyuning, Singaraja.
Komang Dony is 37 years old. He lives in Singaraja, North Bali.
He is leg disabled, as the result of a premature birth. He lives with, and is cared for by his elderly Mother. His Father passed away some years ago.

Today the team, were joined by members of Yayasan KESATRIA KERIS Buleleng. to deliver to him his first ever wheelchair, a tough all terrain MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Cart.
Moving around his neighborhood, and going further afield will now be much easier for Komang on his new Cart. His world has opened up, & new horizons await.
Komang, & his Mother survive on a Government disability allowance of 30 Australian dollars a month. Just $1 a day, The team delivered a Food Aid Parcel, & have added the family to our Food Aid Recipient list.
Thank you so very much to Mobility Worldwide for providing today’s Mobility Cart.
To Sukerama, Ajik Ngurah Gading, & members of Yayasan Kesatria Keris Bali for your kind collaboration on the day.
And a big thank you to all of our Global Village Foundation friends, who continue to support us during these difficult times. God Bless you, & Thank you.
Please enjoy the short video as Komang receives his new Mobility cart.

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