GVF.B: Mobility Cart means no more crawling for 21 year-old Kadek

From Global Village Foundation. Bali:

Kadek Ardika is 21 years old. He lives in North Bali
He contracted Polio as a young child.
When the GVF team first met him in April 2018 to deliver Food Aid & a Water Filter he didn’t have a wheelchair.
He didn’t go beyond the confines of the family home. He knees were heavily scuffed, his shins infected, from years of crawling in the dirt.

When Global Village received their first shipment of MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Mobility Carts from the United States in September 2019, Kadek was the very first recipient.
Today, he goes everywhere, he meets his friends, he moves freely around his village, and beyond in his Mobility cart. His shins are healed, his knees are smooth.
He is learning the skill of Woodcarving with a set of tools donated by KL of Melbourne, a great friend and supporter of the team’s work @ Global Village.
Kadek & his Mother still receive regular Food parcels from GVF during these difficult times, but a fully independent life is within his sights, and GVF continues to work with him to help him reach his goals. A great future awaits him.

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