GVF.B: Komang back in school with Gift of Mobility Cart

From Global Village Foundation. Bali:

21 May 2021.
Today, the team were in South Bali to deliver new wheelchairs to two young boys.
First stop was the Yayasan Legong, Singapadu (a rehabilitation centre/charity for disabled children), near Ubud, where we met Komang aged 10 from Karangasem Province, East Bali.
Komang is currently receiving physiotherapy treatment at the centre.
Komang was born a healthy boy. & for nearly eight years had a normal childhood. even attending school for 2 years.
Two years ago, he found it increasingly difficult to walk, or to straighten his legs, though his upper body remained strong. Without a wheelchair the disability forced him to drop out of school, which made him very sad.
Today the team were privileged to provide Komang with a new MOBILITY WORLDWIDE Child’s Mobility cart which will allow him to return to the classroom, and to be with his friends again, when his school resumes in July.
Komang, & his parents were very happy to receive the Mobility Cart, and the knowledge that he will again be able to return to school.
Thank you to Mobility Worldwide USA for providing today’s Mobility cart for Komang.????????
To the team at Yayasan de Legong anak bangsa, thank you for bringing young Komang’s needs to our attention, and your kind hospitality on the day. As always, a pleasure to collaborate with you helping Bali’s disabled children to a brighter future.

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