Last summer, Tom Arnold and Mobility Worldwide OH-Stow had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Pignon, Haiti distributing carts. Tom’s goal in traveling to Haiti was to observe the carts being distributed in order to gain a stronger appreciation for the impact
Mobility Worldwide has on people.

Tom was able to witness the transformation in the lives of the cart recipients, as well as the community around them. His trip to Haiti not only impacted the recipient’s lives, but also his own. Moreover, Tom was able to step out of his comfort zone with the result of gaining a personal perspective of the lives of the people in Pignon. He has devoted a great amount of time to making carts, so having the opportunity to see them in person was unlike anything he ever experienced.

Through handing people the carts, he was able to give them hope of a better future. Tom provided encouragement and love to the people of Haiti, because as Tom says, nothing changes a life more than giving a Mobility Worldwide cart.