Gift of Mobility moves Dennis from beggar to entrepreneur

A caring donor like you changed Dennis' life.
Dennis from Kenya has depended on others to carry him for as long as he can remember. However, most of the time Dennis crawls in the dirt to move his body from place to place.

If Dennis were born in the United States, he would have had an opportunity for a surgery that could have changed his life. Instead, Dennis is depending on donors like you.

Because of a donor, Dennis received a Mobility Cart. Not surprisingly, this amazing device provided the mobility that was needed for Dennis’ life to be saved. Praise God!

Now, because of you, Dennis now has an opportunity to sell sodas, sweets, and biscuits in the local marketplace. Dennis has been transformed from a beggar to an entrepreneur. He has mobility, dignity, and opportunity.

Through this opportunity, Dennis earns a modest income through his business and can now attend church each week, where he praises God for the many blessings he has been given. Dennis is so happy due to supporting donors like you.
Name: Dennis
Country: Kenya
Disability: not specified
Partner: Partners For Care

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