Pak Kama, a 65-years-old living in North Bali is cared for by his devoted wife.

For seven years, Pak has been sick and unable to walk. In all that time he has never owned a wheelchair, nor been out of his family home. Despite his health difficulties he has remained cheerful, happy and positive throughout those years.

Today, the Global Village team was privileged and pleased to present Pak with his own brand new Mobility Worldwide Mobility Cart, giving him access once again to village life.

With his freedom restored, he is looking forward to beach fishing trips with his (just 300 meters from his home) and participating once again in the ceremonies at the village temple.

Thank you from Pak, the Global Village team, and to all at Mobility Worldwide for your continued kind support.
Name: Pak
Country: Indonesia
Disability: not specified
Partner: Global Village Foundation