Gift of Mobility Cart frees Nyoman after 15 years confined to home

From Global Village Foundation:
Pak Nyoman is 38 years old. He lives in the village of Pejarakan, in North West Bali. 15 years ago Nyoman, at the young age of just 23, was severely injured in a work related accident.

Whilst using an electric grinder to cut through concrete, he cut into a hidden high voltage electric cable and was electrocuted. Fortunately, the quick thinking of his work colleagues saved his life. However, his feet, and legs were so severely injured, he was bedridden for several months, & has been unable to walk since the accident. He is cared for by his elderly mother. Due to his dire economic circumstances, he has never seen a doctor about his injuries, or been able to afford any mobility aids that would help him. As a result, he has not been out from his home in 15 years.

Monday. 23 October 2023.
On information received, the Global Village team were very pleased to visit Nyoman, and to provide him a hand powered ‘Mobility Worldwide’ Mobility Cart to help him become more independent and mobile. The GVF team believe Nyoman given appropriate therapy, could perhaps walk again, so will arrange for him to be assessed by specialists at the Singaraja Public hospital. He will then hopefully begin a rehabilitation therapy program at the Global Village Therapy Center in North Bali next month.

As you see in the photographs, Nyoman was very happy. After 15 years, help had finally arrived.



Name: Nyoman
Country: Bali
Disability: injury
Partner: Global Village Foundation

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