From his Mobility Cart, Stephen sells sweets to bus riders

From Tuko News:
Stephen Njogu on Mobility Cart at bus stop
Githurai 44 Man Selling Sweets in Wheelchair Says Biggest Desire is to Own Shop: “I’m Hardworking”

Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 3:33 PM by Hillary Lisimba

Stephen Njogu has become a constant fixture at the Githurai 44 bus stop where he makes a living selling sweets to passengers in vehicles. Each day, the 31-year-old from Embu makes a modest income ranging between KSh 300 and 400. However, his aspirations extend beyond his current endeavor, as he dreams of owning a shop that offers a broader range of products, surpassing the limited scope of sweets alone

Given his inability to walk on twos, he has mastered the art of pushing his wheelchair near vehicles and giving out the merchandise to his customers through the window. It not only feeds him, but he is proud as it keeps him away from the temptation of begging on the same streets.

In an interview with, Njogu stated that his physical disability has not come between him and his job. He added that he made a promise to earn a decent living because he’s never been a fan of begging since his childhood. “I always want to volunteer to work. I live alone on the Kwa DO side. I don’t cook for home. I met you at the hotel,” he said.

Njogu complained about the low returns, disclosing that he makes between KSh 300 and 400 every day. He blames the low returns on the fact that the price of sweets has increased in recent times, which eats into profits. The hardworking man added that on days he is unable to raise money to replenish stock, he seeks help from friends then repays them.

Njogu told that he could not proceed to join a secondary school due to financial challenges at home. After having difficulties in movement around the hilly areas near his parent’s rural home in Embu, he opted to come to Nairobi and try something for himself.

Name: Stephen
Country: Kenya
Disability: not specified
Partner: Partners for Care

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