For everybody in need

From Mel West:
Now that we had the hand-cranked wheelchair (PET) designed and approved from the field, and were shipping units to Rev. Larry Hills in Zaire, we needed to move on forward. A volunteer lawyer friend, Robert Fleming, had done the work of securing our 501-C-3 legal papers. Kathy Maynard, a professional accountant, was keeping our financial records properly.
Now we needed to clarify our mission statement. Every organization (every individual, really) needs a clear statement of why they exist. Ours was/is:
“To provide the gift of mobility to all in need, beginning with those most in need and in the most isolated places.”
Many mission groups start in the easy places and work down, but seldom get there. PET began in the places and with the people most in need. That is logical and humane. I did it with animals on the farm. Treat those most sick first.
Look at the shipping records of Mobility Worldwide (PET) and you will see we are true to our claim.
Then notice the word “all” in the statement. Our goal is to make ALL in the world mobile. A big task! Yes! But who would tell us when to stop? Who would tell us who to leave out?
Rainbow Network in Nicaragua has made a rural region containing 50,000 totally mobile. They surveyed the entire region, asking families what was needed – wheelchairs, special wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, canes for the blind, etc.
Then we worked with them to provide what was needed. A year ago they declared their region “100% mobile.”
We may now work toward making the country of Kenya totally mobile. Why not? Bill Gates, Rotary and others are making the world totally polio-free. We can give the gift of mobility to all!
Mel West

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