From Partners for Care “First of Many”:

The Partners for Care staff today assembled their first Mobility art! This is the first step in having a Mobility Worldwide shop in Kenya.

Mobility Worldwide has been very supportive in helping us become the third African nation where carts are produced. Everyone realizes if every person in Kenya who could benefit from a cart could have one, carts will need to be both made in the US and in-country. The first step was for staff to receive a cart with the “pieces” and have staff assemble it. And today, they did that! Later, we will move to make parts of the cart in-country.
PFC Cart Number 1 parts

Parts, parts, parts

Mobility Worldwide is celebrating this achievement and sent these messages:

“Great!! Good work!!” Mel West, Founder, Mobility Worldwide

“Congratulations to all of you for being so creative for a work space and ingenuity to assemble. Columbia is proud of you.” Gary Moreau, Director, Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

“Very impressive, but not surprising. I know PFC has a fantastic team in Kenya!” Margot Newcomb, President Mobility Worldwide Board

“Congratulations Connie and PFC staff! This is truly a milestone. You are all doing God’s work.” Sam Singer, Director, Mobility Worldwide East Alabama/West Georgia

“Congratulations! An important “first step” in the next segment of the Kenyan/PFC Mobility journey!” Dave Bruce, In-Country Production Committee Member

“God be praised for His faithfulness in providing the means to accomplish this triumphant feat! Well done.” David Nerud, In-Country Production Committee Member

“Congratulations to PFC! A historic event for sure and a happy day. Mobility Worldwide wishes the people in Kenya the best. Looking forward to seeing what is possible with many more carts in the near future. Great work!” Wayne Beare, Director of Global Logistics, Mobility Worldwide
PFC Cart Number 1
Name: not specified
Country: Kenya
Disability: not specified
Partner: Partners for Care