Enabling entrepreneurs

From Mel West:
There are three responses often given by those who have been crawling upon the ground for years, or being carried about, when they receive a hand-cranked, three-wheeled wheelchair called a PET, made by Mobility Worldwide.
FIRST, there is the response of pure joy at being mobile. They can now get out and meet friends. They now look folks in the eye, rather than look at their shoestrings. They now begin to feel truly human.
SECOND, they ask, “How can I even begin to thank those who made this possible for me? Why would persons thousands of miles away do this for me, who they do not even know?
THIRD, they ask, “How can I use this to make a living, for myself, and to help pay back my family and friends for all they have done for me?”
The PET has a small cargo space like a very small pickup truck. The body of the PET is made of wood so that it is easy to attach things to it.
One PET recipient in Guatemala who had gotten polio 27 years before built a traveling little snack shop on the bed of his PET and traveled the streets selling to tourists and all. He made a good income.
This is just one example- more stories tomorrow.
Mel West

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