Ekwendeni Mission Hospital Operates in a remote/hard to reach area together with its two sister Hospitals. The people it serves are very poor and they live on less than a Dollar per day, and they are vulnerable to diseases due to lack of money for them to access good health care.

Within the community, there are many people who are physically challenged and are unable to continue with school because of lack of wheel chairs which they can be using to carry them from one place to another.

With the donation of Mobility carts donated through Ekwendeni Hospital by Mobility Worldwide with shipping help from Medshare, people are very thankful now that among other things, they will be able to go to church and pray together with their friend without any problem.

Words are not enough to express the feelings/appreciations, but Management and Staff of Ekwendeni Hospital and the community it is serving are praying to the almighty God to abundantly bless all those who have made it possible for such help to reach those who need it the most.


Patrick Tembo
Ekwendeni Hospital

Khumbo was born on 15th September 2003 at Chimuzi Chirwa village in the traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba District. He was born normal but the whole body was yellowish in color, suffered from jaundice, few months later parents notice that some parts of his body were not functioning properly.
At three years, legs, neck and hands were weak that he was unable to stand and walk on his own. Due to this problem, he started school late, as of now he is in standard 3.
Previously, his parents used to escort him to School using hired bicycles as means of transport for him. It was expensive for the Parents to pick him morning and afternoon hours.
Currently with the aid of the Mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide through Ekwendeni Hospital, he is able to go to school, Church without the support from his parents relatives and friends. He is thankful to Mobility World Wide for the donation of the Mobility carts through Ekwendeni Hospital. It is his wish that they should continue supporting those who are physically challenged and are unable to walk and do things on their own.

Solium was born in 1953, Married with 5 children. His leg was amputated in the year 1994 due to snake bite. It was hard for him to travel/move from one place to the other since one leg was amputated. He faced a lot of challenges in terms of finding food and school fees for his kids.
Since 1994, through the Government of Malawi he received a wheel chair of which is now in bad shape or condition. He had been unable to walk or travel using old wheel chair since no spare parts to maintain it.
In September 2017, he received a wheel chair through Ekwendeni Hospital as a donation from Mobility World Wide. It was a great relief to him since he had been struggling to source funds to purchase spare parts for the old wheel chair.
He is very thankful to Mobility World Wide for the support to him of the mobility cart, and even to my fellow members who could not manage to buy wheel chair using their own funds. Since he received this wheelchair, he has been able to go to church, business place without some one to escort him on a push wheelchair as previously was the situation.

Tchula is a 15 year-old student at Rumphi Secondary School and is in form 2. Since birth, he has been unable to walk because his legs were weak (Born of Polio). He has been pushed by parents while at home and by friends/ fellow students at school. He had a wheel Chair which he received from the Government of Malawi, and this was the only reliable means of movement from one place to another. He depended upon others to push him when he wanted to walk/travel from one place to the other.
With the donation of new modern Mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide through Ekwendeni Hospital, his life has been made easier in everything especially on going to school, Church and traveling from one place to the other. I hope this donation come at the right time to all people who are physically challenged and are financially handicapped to support or buy wheel chair using their own money.
Lastly he urges Mobility World Wide to continue supporting those in need of the carts with more Mobility carts and crutches so that they are able to travel and move from one place to another.

Lusungu was born in the year 2002 in Rumphi District. Soon after his birth his parents noticed that his body was very weak especially legs, hands and neck. A year later Lusungu could not stand on her own and his legs were weak that she needed support from parents to stand up.
In the year 2009 Lusungu Nyondo received wheel chair from the Government of Malawi through Rumphi District Hospital. Since 2009 his wheelchair was not serviced due to lack of funds, due to this situation he could not travel long distances such as church and school.
In August 2017, she received a Mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide through Ekwendeni hospital as a donation.
‘It is of great relief for me to travel to school and other long distances. Last year I did not attend fully classes at school due to lack of good wheel chair. The chair I was using was totally in bad state’. said Lusungu.
She is very thankful to Mobility Worldwide for the Mobility carts donation through Ekwendeni Hospital. She wished Mobility Worldwide continues sending the carts which are of much help to those who are physically challenged. ‘Currently am a happy person because I always attend classes and church services in time without depending on other people to assist me in movement’. concluded Lusungu.