Distancing is every day life without Gifts of Mobility

As we head into yet another week of social distancing and self-quarantine, I hear from friends, family, and colleagues that they’re getting a little “stir crazy”. They miss the good old days of getting out and about and being part of the action. But as uncomfortable as this may be for some, it’s everyday life year after year for the people who are served by Mobility Worldwide.

Millions of the leg disabled who live in developing countries have no way to get around-ever. They are trapped in their homes; forced into a lifetime of solitude. That is until they get a Mobility Cart. The transformation is astonishing. They suddenly feel part of the community.

Mobility Worldwide’s worksites are either closed during this public health emergency or operating with a skeletal staff on specific projects. It’s a good time to check inventory, reach out to shippers and touch base with vendors as we plan to hit the ground running once the health risk dissipates.

The good news is that once this emergency ends, we will have a renewed sense of urgency to help even more people as we handcraft Mobility Carts for our brothers and sisters throughout the world. God bless!

Scott Walters
Executive Director

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