From Katherine Barrett:
Jambo from Kilifi County! This week, I have been awarded a rare and exciting opportunity…one that has touched my heart deeply! Working with Mobility Worldwide and Partners for Care, we were invited into this developing nation’s community and so kindly offered a rare glimpse into the lives of a Kenyan. With prayer, music, the kindest words of thanks and a sea of smiles, we were greeted with the grandest Kenyan welcome! On this day, our team delivered mobility carts to 30 disabled individuals! We were informed that some of the recipients and guests had traveled as far as 30+ miles (if you have never been on a road in Kilifi County, that is one strong task!). Knowing that these carts will help each individual become more independent with supporting themselves and their families, enriching their lives both physically, mentally and socially, is so incredibly rewarding! To experience the joy of each recipient’s smile is something that I will never forget. “with God all things are possible.” Mathew 19:26

From Jim Weisbrook:
Our Mobility Worldwide team members traveling to Kenya each play a part in building mobility carts. Amongst our volunteer team we cut wood, glue seats and seat backs, pack carts, inventory carts and load containers. Missouri bound, we rarely get to see first hand the results of our labors. That changed today when we were privileged to visit 7 cart beneficiaries, all of which are in pictures below. Although women are cart beneficiaries, our group was all men.

Each man’s life experience that resulted in the need for a cart was unique, but all had thankful hearts and joyful spirits. The carts provide transportation to work, supply hauling for home businesses, and almost universally the ability to haul water.. And we’re not talking about traveling short distances or hauling light loads. One beneficiary makes a 3 hour roundtrip to haul water that he then sells in his village. Each load is about 16 gallons of water or about 135 pounds. He makes about $1.50 when he sells the water. Can you imagine hauling that weight for that amount of time to make $1.50 and being joyful?

My first world problems pale in comparison to these men’s lives. My challenge is to daily remember my Kenyan experiences and allow them to make me a more giving person.