College Station and Sankhu Lions distribute Gifts of Mobility Carts in Nepal

From Floyd Kaigler:

Good things move slowly sometimes. The Sankhu Lions are making final distribution of the 182 Mobility Carts sent out in Feb 2018, held captive by the Indian Customs Office and finally delivered o Biratnagar, Nepal, Once in Biratnagar, the local Lions assembled and distributed them to needy people in the area and sent other carts to Lions Clubs throughout Nepal.

A delegation of College Station Noon Lions Club members, including David Ruesink, a one-time neighbor of Colin’s, are in Kathmandu winding up a week-long trip that has incorporated Mobility Cart distribution with distributions of Mobility Canes, Food for the needy, Braille Slates for blind children, School clothing for needy children a blood drive and a cultural exchange. They have had a busy week.

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