Church In Malawi Delivers 11 Carts

Orphan Grain Train is our partner who ships them Mobility Carts.


Shipped: 3 Large carts, 4 Small carts, 4 Pull carts

According to the pastor who handled the distribution:
“The Mobility Carts have eased mobility both to parents and children. One of the girls [Patricia] will be able to attend classes now. Attached is the picture, she wants to become a lawyer. Others are grateful that will be able to attend church services from now onwards.”

“The girl dropped out of school due to travel problems because of disability; now she is back at school after receiving the wheelchair. She is in grade 6. Her ambition is to be a lawyer; she says disability is not inability thanks for the donation.” Christ Mandate for Missions Church

Cecilia sends you a message in a video (translated into English by the distributor):

“Thank you very much for visiting me here. I wasn’t expecting this thing at all. My name is Cecilia. A citizen of Malawi. I started being sick the same year; this year. I’ve been troubled by my sickness to the way I am now. From the time they amputated my leg until now, I’m getting problems. Although I’m using crutches, they are giving me pain in my armpits. But now I see this gift coming to me. Thank you, people. I’m very glad a lot and I wish you could help other people in my situation. Thank the almighty. Bless you, all. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.” Cecilia (recipient)

Thank you to all who built these carts! They are making a big difference for the people of Malawi. Several more Mobility Carts are included on our next shipment to this mission, and we will share additional feedback as we receive it.– Rita Fonder, International Shipping Assistant, Orphan Grain Train in Nebraskaships worldwide.

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