Brothers share Mobility Cart to go to school in Nepal

From United Mission to Nepal 2018 Project Report:

Amul Chaudhary lives in Kapilvastu Municipality. He studies in grade 10 at Buddha Padam School, Kapilvastu. He was born with a claw foot. His two brothers also have claw foot since their birth. His elder brother is now able to walk after his operation but Amul and his younger brother still face a problem.
Both of them were not able to have an operation because of financial problems. Amul and his younger brother are studying in the same class. They used to go to school by cycle and electric rickshaw with the support of their father and friends. They had to pay NRP 20 (for each) in the rickshaw ride every day to go to school. All of their friends used to play and have fun after school, but the brothers had to stay inside the house.
Although like other boys of their age, they had the desire to go out and have fun, they couldn’t do so as they were not able to walk and there was nobody to help them out every time. Sometimes they went out by asking for a lift in someone’s cycle.
Now, after getting a Personal Energy Transportation (PET) cart from UMN, their lifestyle has changed. They are going to school by riding the PET cart. Although it was given to one of the brothers, it is being used by both the brothers. Now after school, they go to the market and wherever they want to go. They are enjoying and having fun. Amul shares, “Now we don’t have to ask someone for lift, we can go to school and wherever we want to. It is all because of PET cart.”
His father is retired police and has opened a grocery shop at his house. Amul and his brother, Tilak is also supporting their father to bring materials for the shop from the market. They used to face a major problem of going to school but now it has been solved. PET cart has supported them to change their lifestyle. It has indeed given them the liberty that they yearned for.
By Pandav Rasaili, UMN Programme Officer-Disability, Rupandehi

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