Until recently, Bhutti Devi Uraun, 30, from Sunsari was confined within the boundary of her house due to her physical disability. With the Mobility Cart that she has received from UMN she is able to come out of her house, visit her neighbours and friends, go to the local shop. This is something she couldn’t even imagine until some time ago. She is now able to confidently move around and is very happy with her new-found life.
Before her disability, Bhutti Devi along with her husband used to work in their neighbour’s field to earn daily wages as they are landless. But her life changed when five years ago she got hit by an ox which resulted in a spinal cord injury causing paralysis of her lower body. She visited various hospitals in Nepal and even India and spent NPR 70,000 (USD 681) for her treatment. She could no longer go to work and was dependent on her family members as she needed help to move around. Sadly, her two children even dropped out of school to help their mother.
But things have now turned better for the Uraun family. She no longer needs constant support to move around. Bhutti Devi indeed has got a new life.

From United Mission to Nepal:
So far, 29 Mobility Carts were distributed in Sunsari, 50 in Kapilvastu and Doti will be planning this by July 2018. With an aim of ensuring that the carts are used correctly, a training on basic cart orientation and cart assembling was provided to those UMN partners that run the disability projects, including UMN officers and mechanics from the districts.
In 2019, partners will also provide monitoring support to the cart users by visiting their families and houses in their communities.