Jamette & Jaime

Jamette on four hands

I tried hard not to stare. I had never seen a human being walking on all fours.

Moving slowly, but deliberately and crawling on her hands, Jamette, a Haitian woman, entered the compound in her village on a sweltering February morning. Jamette gets around by crawling on her hands, while dragging her feet, and to protect her hands, she wears gloves while crawling on the ground.

The hearts of the people in the room felt for Jamette, as they watched in silence as she crawled across the ground to reach the pastor.

As she came closer to the pastor, he invited her to sit in a chair and then explained to her, “Jamette, because of the loving action of a generous and caring Christian donor who lives in the United States, you have been given the Gift of Mobility. The people here with me today are representatives of this Christian donor who will fit you with your very own Mobility Cart. I want you to continue to be a faithful witness of Christ in your community.”

The Mobility Cart was modified for Jamette on the spot, so that she could have the best experience in her Mobility Cart. While the volunteers worked on the modifications, Jaime Singer, a volunteer from Mobility Worldwide East Alabama/West Georgia prayed with her. Jaime knelt before Jamette and held her hand while the pastor interpreted for Jaime.

When Jaime finished her prayer for Jamette, to her surprise, she pulled out a very used New Testament and held it. She then placed her hand on Jaime’s head and prayed for her.

The pastor didn’t interpret Jamette’s words to Jaime, but she understood the meaning of her words. Jaime is sure that Jamette was so thankful that God had blessed her with a Gift of Mobility and grateful for the donor who, through an unselfish act of kindness, gave her such a marvelous gift.

Once the modifications were complete, Jamette was placed on the Mobility Cart and she was so happy! Because of donors like you, Jamette would soon depart in dignity with a new life ahead of her.
Name: Jamette
Country: Haiti
Disability: not specified
Partner: Foundations for Peace