“Min Kyaw is a 45 year-old man who lives with his wife and a daughter in Magway Division, Burma. He used to work as a weaver making mats. However, four years ago he had to amputate his left leg left due to complications caused by diabetes. The following year he had to amputate his right leg for similar reasons. Since then, Min Kyaw used to get around by crawling. One day, Min Kyaw’s friend saw a Facebook post by BCMF that had pictures of Mobility Carts. He then wrote a message to BCMF asking if they could provide a Mobility Cart for his friend. Min Kyaw then traveled to Kamma in Magway Division, where he received a Mobility Cart during a BCMF wheelchair mission. Min Kyaw said, ”In the past, I couldn’t go anywhere without my family’s help. But now I can go to the market to buy food for my wife every day and I’m very happy that I can help my family with this wheelchair. This wheelchair will be very useful for my life.” He is very thankful to the donors for the mobility cart.”