From Burma Children Medical Fund:

Last week, between 25-27 November 2020, BCMF held a wheelchair mission in Khu Muang District, Buri Ram Province, Thailand. A total of 9 children received wheelchairs and 36 adults received Mobility Carts. BCMF staff also trained 3 physiotherapists and 2 technicians from Khun Muang District Hospital to fit recipients for wheelchairs. Our partners at Khu Muang District Hospital will also work closely with a technician team from Buri Ram Technical College to motorise the Mobility Carts for recipients who are unable to use a hand crank to move by themselves.

We would like to thank Mobility Worldwide, The Wheelchairs For Kids Foundation and Rotary Club of Wanneroo for providing access to mobility for all of our recipients. We would also like to thank โรงพยาบาลคูเมือง จังหวัดบุรีรัมย์, Dr. Kitti Losuwanrak, Ms. Somporn Losuwanrak, Ms. Duangchai Pomsri, Ban Phae Health Promotion Hospital, Ban Nong Kamarn Health Promotion Hospital and Khun Yai Sub-District Local Administration Organisation Office for helping us make this mission a success.

A team from Khu Muang Technical College came to look at the Mobility Carts during the first day of the mission. The team plans to mechanise the carts for recipients who are unable to propel themselves forward.

Mobility Cart recipient beside his old standard wheelchair.

Happy to receive a Mobility Cart.

Practicing on his new Mobility Cart.

BCMF team assembling Mobility Carts on the third day of the mission.

Practicing with her new Mobility Cart.

Driving home with her new Mobility Cart.