BCMF continuing to Gift Mobility

From Burma Children Medical Fund:

Facebook Translation:
???????? 25-27 November 2563.
???? ???? ???????????? Foundation. Burma Children. Given a special kind of cart. To bring it to the elderly. Handicapped people. With mobility issues. Improve the quality of the patient’s life. ???????? ???????? Special type of cart items that I have donated.
1. Special Adult Trolley 45 cars
2. special carts. 17 kids.
3. Infusion Pump amount. 48. machines.
4. guarantor. Special type. 2. pcs
5. Walker special kind. The amount of 4 pieces.
And props are wheelchairs
Thank you for the people of Khu Mueang this time. The smile of the receiver is the encouragement of the officer’s work.
❤️ Thank you for the network. PTT. Sub-district office. The hospital. St. St. A.S.O. Cousin in the patient’s pick up. And place to assemble cart ready to deliver

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