From United Mission to Nepal 2018 Project Report:

Seven years ago, Anas was born as the second son of his parents in Harinagar Rural Municipality. In a Muslim community, giving birth to any number of children is given high priority.
There are six members in Anas’s family, so it was hard for his parents to take care of their children equally. Due to a lack of nutritious food, Anas had a physical disability.
Anas had paralysis beneath the hip when he was 2. He used to crawl in the house to move from one place to another and his father used to carry him from home to school. He did not attend classes on those days when his father had to go to work. Anas used to cry when his mother used to scold him. Also, when his friends used uncivilized and bad words for him. His house and surrounding structure were not disabled friendly, so he needed help to go to the toilet and rooms. Anas could not carry on with his daily activities because he didn’t have a wheelchair.
The chairperson of Harinagar, DPO Arasad Alam learned about Anas during the treatment of children in Harinagar Rural Municipality Ward No. 6 and 7 by UMN’s partner Nepal Chelebeti Disabled Women Society (NCDWS).
NCDWS with UMN’s partnership provided Anas with the Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Cart, educational materials, disable friendly table and chair, loan for income generation and for making a ramp surrounding his house. After the support which was like a dream for him, he was able to go to school and wherever he liked.
Anas attended school daily and has passed UKG in the first division. He is now very happy because he can go to school by himself using the PET Cart. He has also developed speaking skills and increased self-confidence.
Now, he mingles with his friends and has increased different needed knowledge.
Nowadays he can dress up, eat by himself and do other regular things.
Anas’s father shares, “I heartily thank NCDWS and UMN for bringing a new life to my son. Now, my dream is to see Anas as a doctor in the future.”

By Surendra Rai, UMN Project Officer, Sunsari