From Mike Schramm:

Greetings and best to you and your volunteers. I hope all is going well.

I apologize for taking my time to get this to you. We were in Honduras early in June and all fifteen of the Mobility carts you gave us arrived and were distributed. I personally saw two of them provided to individuals and have attached photos and their stories follow. Two other carts were given to the Mayor of La Lima for him to distribute and the rest were distributed by the Rotary in El Progresso. As for our trip, our team of 23 saw 1450 people during four days of clinics and also visited 200 elementary school students at four different schools, providing them with school supply and hygiene kits.

An adult cart was given to a 48-year-old man named Antonio. While working in a palm plant operation his right foot was pierced by a falling palm limb that he had cut from a tree above. His foot did not heal well and became severely infected, ultimately needing to be amputated. He has a prosthetic, but uses a crutch to get around well. The mobility cart will allow him to carry items around his village that he can sell, thus aiding his ability to sustain himself. This story is one of many that we encounter where people injured on the job are not taken care of by employer insurance, and where good medical attention is either unavailable or unattainable financially. This was a gift of dignity for Antonio, as well.


The child’s cart was given to a timid young nine-year-old named Alex. He was born with a muscular deficiency, primarily in his lower extremities and is unable to walk. His mother and grandmother care for him full time. It will take some concentrated effort and “therapy”, but with practice, hopefully he will build the upper body strength to really use the cart to its full potential. We hope and pray he will discover more freedom through the use of this cart and bring smiles to their lives.

Alex with volunteers

Thank you for all Mobility Worldwide does.

God’s blessings to your organization,
Mike Schramm