My name is Peter Fiedler and my wife and I are Americans living in Guinea (West Africa). We have a friend here that has been handicapped for many years, and several times we have tried to help him with a mobile wheelchair, but we never succeeded. The roads here are all dirt, mud, and rock and there aren’t good quality materials to build anything for him. There also isn’t anyone experienced that could have done the work.

Then to our surprise, about three months ago, he received a new Mobility Cart! It has been such an amazing blessing for him. I really appreciate the high quality and durability of the cart, it’s amazing.

Living here in Guinea, we have noticed that unfortunately many organizations have trouble getting aid to the people that actually need it. Whether it’s corruption or logistics or other problems, sometimes it can be difficult. But in this case, a very deserving man received the perfect gift!

We looked up the tag on the cart and saw it was from, so when we got home we looked it up so that we could send you our thanks.

Thank you so much for your hard work!
– Peter Fiedler