From Malawi Project:
loading Mobility Cart
Griven Kasalika and the team at Action for Progress were up to something by the state of their warehouse. They were rapidly and impressively moving from one box to the next putting together 30 Mobility Carts for a large distribution near Salima. This means 30 people who no longer will crawl in the dirt, 30 people who can visit their friends, go to church, to the market, a soccer game, and move about the neighborhood. 30 people whose lives are about to make a major change for the better. These 30 people will have hope, promise, a chance to live a much more normal life. The warehouse has prepared more than 2,000 Mobility Carts and counting.

Mobility Carts ready for delivery

moving Mobility Cart

loading Mobility Carts
Name: multiple
Country: Malawi
Disability: multiple
Partner: Malawi Project / Action for Progress