From Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia:

17 year old Jok enjoys his new mobility!

17 year old Jok enjoys his new mobility!

213 Mobility Carts built in 2020

About 10 years ago, we started a relationship with Dr. Jill Seaman who works in South Sudan. We have assisted her with Mobility Carts thru different partners and in different ways. We have given carts thru Alaska Susan Medical Project, and Connie at Partners For Care has shared some of her shipments as in the case below. Last year when Dr. Jill asked if she could glean some again from nearby Kenya, I offered her a full shipping container of 200. Dr. Jill said, “…I’m stunned by this! But we really have no place to store this incredible offer….I wonder if it is ever possible to beg say 20 or 30 from a shipment to Kenya that we could then transport across the border?…”

“Dear Gary & Connie!

Thanks again for those Mobility Carts. They are so awesome. Our place, without roads, cannot support any other type of wheelchair we’ve tried. With the 18% of our TB being spinal TB and many of those becoming paralyzed, these carts are such a godsend.

I’ve a picture of Jok, he’s a 17-year-old who became ill about 9 years ago, has a fractured leg and paralysis. He has been dragging himself by his hands ever since. And now! He’s driving all over the village. He was brought by his brother from several days walk away. They are enjoying our town and he is enjoying his newfound mobility. It is really really life-changing.

I wish I were a photographer – or videographer – he was so happy racing around – and he really is not too small for this – he just got comfortable. I wanted our people to make a platform for his leg – but he refused, saying it was just perfect!

THANKS, Dr. Jill Seaman….”

Update from the construction site:

February 10 steel framing goes up for new shop.

February 10 steel framing goes up for new shop.

I’m writing an article for the spring newsletter on my trip to Kenya. Thank you for partnering with our mission.

Gary Moreau, Executive Director & Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator