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Missouri – Columbia

  • Larry Hills, a missionary in Zaire (currently the Democratic Republic of Congo), tells Reverend Mel West of the need for three-wheeled, hand-cranked wheelchairs for victims of polio and landmines.
  • Earl Miner, product designer, mission partner, and long-time friend of Mel West, starts on the first Mobility Cart prototype
  • Four prototype carts are sent to Larry Hills with these instructions: “Put these in the worst place you can find and see if they pass the test.”
  • Prototypes pass the testing phase and earn the name Personal Energy Transportation (PET)
  • Shipments begin to Zaire and later moved to Zambia
  • Rodney Miner starts to build steel frames and ship PETs from Darby, Montana, to the Democratic Republic of Congo for final assembly
  • Bishop Machado of Mozambique sees the PET for the first time and requests a project there
  • Operations run primarily out of Rev. Mel West’s garage and one room at Community United Methodist Church in Columbia, MO
  • Tom Algiere, a shop teacher from Columbia, travels to Mozambique to establish two PET production shops


  • Rev. Mel West establishes a production shipping and receiving facility in Columbia
  • Rev. Larry Hill creates a production shop in Penny Farms, FL, focused on mobility needs in Haiti
  • Jake and Gwen Royall establishes a production shop in Luling, TX
  • PET-TX Luling transitioned to PET TX-Brazos Valley in 2009
  • Over 1,000 PETs produced and shipped from across the US
  • PET International is incorporated
  • New shops:
    • PET TN – Murfreesboro (transitioned to AL – North Alabama)
    • PET FL – Tampa
    • PET MO – Southwest
  • PET NY – East Jewett (no longer in operation
  • PET WA – (no longer in operation)
  • PET KS – Moundridge
  • PET TX – San Antonio
  • PET IA – Hawarden
  • Pull PET developed for those without upper body power or coordination
  • PET ME – Waterboro
  • PET FL – Jacksonville
2006 - 2008
  • PET TX – Austin
  • PET MI – Holland
  • Mini-mart kits were developed as a way for some Mobility Cart recipients near populated areas to sell items and earn a living.  These are sent with cart shipments when requested by our distribution partners.
  • PET TX – Rio Grande Valley (no longer in operation)
  • PET MI – East Michigan
  • PET TN – Memphis
  • New shops start in Leighton, IA; Twin Cities, MN; DeMotte, IN; Northern Utah; Stow, OH
  • Significant changes were made in seat design for the crank carts for more adjustability and comfort for the recipients.
  • New shop opens in Saline, MI
  • PET celebrates 20th anniversary
  • New shop opens in Carlisle, PA
  • The 50,000th PET Cart is delivered
  • Pet International becomes Mobility Worldwide, and the 60,000th Mobility Cart is delivered
  • Gold Status earned from Guidestar in recognition of financial transparency, and the 65,000th Mobility Cart is delivered
  • Mobility Worldwide signs an agreement to establish a manufacturing affiliate in Bo, Sierra Leon, that employs people with disabilities
  • Mobility Worldwide celebrates 25th anniversary
    • Columbia produces 1,856 carts
  • Mobility Cart 80,000 produced with parts from each manufacturing affiliate in the US
  • Construction continues on the 12,500′ Mel & Barbara West Cart Center.  Check out the construction slide show.   July 2020 moving begins.  August 2020 full production and shipping operation.
  • With generous supporters, our board approves an annual budget to build 40 carts per week.  With continued issues in supply chains, we were only able to produce 1,420 carts YTD (27 per week).  Still many more helped by you.  Carryover funds allowed us to approve construction & shipping of more carts in 2023.
  • In February, we built the 30,000th Mobility Cart in Columbia.  This year, we have updated our manufacturing process.  With your kind gifts, we are striving to build 50 carts per week

Missouri – Columbia

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