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Missouri – Columbia

Order a Vacation Bible School Kit by sending $15.00 with your request. The video is only 3 minutes long to be shown the first day of children receiving Mobility Carts in Africa.  There are activities for various ages (preschool to youth) to be done each day during a mission time of 5 to 15 minutes. This kit is meant to be a mission focus and not curriculum for the whole VBS.

The goal of this material is for children to understand that by showing Gods love they can help those that are less fortunate. Receiving a Mobility Cart is a life changing experience for the recipient, an answer to prayer.

Included is some general information that can be used by the VBS coordinators. The Days 1-5 section has ideas that can be used by the class leaders each day of the week. A packet is also enclosed that has supporting materials for the daily activities and pictures that can be put up showing Mobility Cart recipients.

Order a Vacation Bible School Kit and send $15 for:

  • 3 minute segement story DVD (one of 8 on the DVD)
  • Mission Project: Goal, General Information, How to Make the Mission Project Come to Life, Day 1 to day 5 outline
  • Packet of materials for daily activities
  • Pictures
  • Latest project newsletter
  • Poster “Anatomy of a Mobility Cart” volunteers and recipients

Please send $15 and request to:
Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia
4825 E Meyer Industrial Drive
Columbia, MO 65201-8296


Missouri – Columbia

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