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Missouri – Columbia


Gary Moreau, Executive Director since 2012.

Became a Mobility Worldwide volunteer in 2004 and later a board trustee. Wellness Coordinator for Juice Plus; previously District Conservationist in Minnesota and Utah for USDA/NRCS.  (Pictured in white shirt in back row.  2016 in Ivory Coast, Africa on a distribution trip.)

Maynard Kathy Waist Shot 2024 May

Kathy Maynard, AU, has been a business administrator since 1999.


Prior employment included various accounting and insurance positions.  Degree in Business Administration.

Missouri – Columbia

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Mobility Worldwide
4825 E Meyer Industrial Drive
Columbia, MO 65201 USA
(573) 886-7877

General Hours:
M – F 8 am to 3 pm except holidays

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