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March 2016 “We love what your organization does.  We ourselves have a granddaughter in a wheelchair; however, she is unable to walk, talk, or even eat.  That is why this organization is especially close to our hearts as we love to see that other people with disabilities can have a more meaningful life with a feasible form of transportation. Blessings on all you do!  Barb” (long term donor in CO)

How Can You Help? This is a growing but daunting ministry due to the great need.  There are many ways to help as the many current volunteers and contributors have learned.

Individuals/Local Churches

  1. Pray for the more than 20 Million persons in the world who have lost the use of their legs through polio, landmines, war amputations, earthquake amputations, crocodiles, etc.
  2. Give/Raise Funds: This is always basic.  It takes money to buy metal and parts, to weld, to package, to ship, and to distribute.  Ask — and you shall receive —  is the message of scripture.  Be creative.
  3. Find People with welding, metalworking, or woodworking skills who will agree to help build Mobility Cart parts.  Help them with expenses–buy the metal, etc.  Help them ship it to Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia.
  4. Find Businesses that sell or make “off the shelf” items needed for the Mobility Carts.  Get them to donate or sell to you at no profit.  Send the items to the Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia.
  5. Talk about Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia.  Promote. Gossip about it.  Say to folks in conversation, “Our church is doing a fascinating mission project…”  Tell the story.
  6. Employer match.  Remember to fill out the required information with your employer’s foundation so that your monetary gift to Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia may double.
  7. Order a Vacation Bible School Kit. Send $15.00 for a kit with a new DVD.
  8. Link your website to ours. In your church/business website provide a brief introduction to Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia’s mission of mobility and then a link to our website at
  9. Collect and bring to us other used mobility devices such as canes, foldable walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Even if they need minor repairs/replacement parts, we receive and send them on to one of our distribution partners, C.R.O.S.S. Ministries, in Osceola, Iowa to refurbish.  Those ready to ship out, go in loads with our Mobility Carts.  Folks may get one or the other or both.  In example, someone might be able to be on their feet for short periods in their home using a cane, but need a cart to go distances to market, school, to a doctor, etc.  Our partners evaluate and distribute the appropriate devices.
  10. Packing material:  Collect and bring to us clean and dry 1/2 or one gallon-size plastic jugs with lids like milk and water come in.  They help fill in corner gaps (see below) and steady the partially disassembled cart in place during months of transit. Once unloaded overseas, locals use the clean jugs to carry and store water. We also need clean & dry regular size soup or vegetable tin cans to fit over the 2 axles in each box.  With trying to increase production to 50 carts a week in 2023, we need even more packing supplies.  We have collection bins right inside the warehouse door at the north side of the building.


We have CheckMonthly Debit, and Online donation options. Online gifts thru the donate button are processed by our partner and non-profit, Network for Good.

Stocks:  We have a brokerage account and can receive stock shares.  Write to us for transfer instructions.

Commodities:  We accept donations of harvested or stored corn, soybeans, etc.  Have your elevator contact us.

Advance Special #982665:  Even though Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia is ecumenical, we have Methodist roots. For years we have been approved in their national special giving avenue called the Advance Special, currently 2017-2020 approval period. This is an online giving option, is available for all donors to use, and for which we pay no processing fees.  They take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Each month they send a check with a list of donors names, amounts and addresses. If you would like to give by credit card through this secure/trustworthy avenue, go to this link which starts at the donation page specific to Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia (Project #982665):

MSECC #9009 (MO State Employees Charitable Campaign) – International charity:  If you are a MO state employee, consider giving through your paycheck.  We have been an approved charity since 2007 and currently for the next two year cycle of 2022 and 2023.  Please tell others who work for the state of MO or are a MO state retiree.  Gifts are automatically deposited quarterly into our account.

Thrivent Choice Dollars, Organization ID: 515873317:  Thrivent Financial is a Lutherans’ Thrivent Choice(R) program, but membership is now open to all.  If you are a Thrivent policy holder, consider designating your Choice  Dollars to Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia.  Simply call 1-800-THRIVENT and say “Choice  Dollars.”  They will help you through the process.  They will also answer questions you might have.  Choice Dollars are automatically deposited into our account monthly.

Venmo: Here’s another giving option connected to PayPal. Simply scan the QR code to get to our charity account. Venmo’s credit card processing fees are discounted for non-profits. We receive alerts when gifts are processed and can move to our bank account for use in buying Mobility Cart supplies and more.

Mobility Worldwide Venmo Qr Code

Gifts from the Heart

Honor your loved ones while helping to provide another person with mobility.  Two gifts in one, a Gift from the Heart celebrates a special occasion, in honor of, or in memory of while supporting the work of Mobility Worldwide Missouri – Columbia.  A note will be sent to the person being honored, and all Gifts from the Heart will be listed in our next quarterly newsletter. This gift information can be filled out on our donation form.

Legacy Giving

As you consider estate planning, consider making Mobility Worldwide Missouri – Columbia, Inc. (A Missouri Nonprofit Corp) a part of those plans.  The need for the GIFT OF MOBILITY is an ongoing need with millions around the world awaiting it.  Please consider these possible words for your will:

“I give (a specific amount, item, residue, or percentage) to Mobility Worldwide Missouri – Columbia, having its principal office at 4825 E Meyer Industrial Drive, Columbia, MO 65201-8296 for its mission and purpose to bring mobility to those unable to walk.  EIN #20-5640563 ”

Missouri – Columbia

Newsletter sign up: Contact us to start receiving our quarterly newsletter by email or postal. Begin learning how you can give rugged mobility around the world to those most in need.


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