Mobility Worldwide Affiliate

Missouri – Columbia

Date Shipped Number Shipped To: Description Shipped
3/21/2458Pathways to Hope Africa, Uganda30 Small 28 Pull
3/18/24153 totalPartners for Care #36, Kenya153 carts ( 123 Lg, 10 Pull, 20 small), 50 mini marts, 6 sewing machines and fabric rolls. 155 walkers, crutches, canes, wheelchairs and transport chairs.
2/26/24186 totalPartners for Care #35, Kenya156 Large, 10 pull, 20 small, 50 mini marts, 24 Sewing machines, wheelchair, walkers, crutches, canes, Fabric rolls and boxes, 14 Student collapsible desks, (leftover from Rainbow Network )
2/14/2438Midwest Mission Distribution Center30 Large, 8 Small, 8 Sewing Machines, 42 School Desks
2/3/2424Malawi via Austin10 smalls and 14 Pulls, and 8 sewing machines with some fabric
1/30/2460Americares60 Small
12/15/23115Partners for Care #34, Kenya70 Leighton Large, 65 Columbia Large, 30 Small, 20 Pull, 20 Sewing Machines, 50 Mini Marts, Walkers, Crutches , Wheelchairs, canes.
11/29/236Health for India2 L, 4 S, 2 mini-marts, 2 sewing machines
11/17/23185Partners for Care #33, Kenya155 Lg, 10 Pull, 20 Small, 50 Mini-Marts
11/16/23129UNTO in Mt Joy, PA21 Pull, 10 Small, 98 Large
11/14/2314Tomorrow, Ralph McClurg for Honduras12lg/2 sm
11/13/231The Cornerstone Foundation, Biloxi MS, for Honduras1 Large
11/6/2362Orphan Grain Train20 small, 14 Pull, 28 Large
10/19/2362Alfalit International42 Large 20 Small
8/23/23187Partners for Care #32, Kenya130 Lg, 27 Pull, 30 Small, 49 Mini-Marts, 41 sewing machines
8/4/23179Partners for Care #31, Kenya129 Large, 20 Pull, 30 Small, 50 Mini Marts, 70 Sewing Machines
6/28/23181Partners for Care #30, Kenya131 Large, 10 large unassembled, 30 Small, 20 Pull
6/21/2345Aztec Ministries for Mexico thru Brazos Valley35 large and 10 small
6/19/2320Partners for World Health15 large, 5 small
5/26/2363World Vision in PA63 pull
5/25/2321Midwest Mission7 large, 7 small, 7 pull
5/1/23210Partners for Care #29, Kenya160 Large, 50 Small
4/17/23175Partners for Care #28, Kenya108 Large, 30 Small, 37 Pull, 50 Mini-Mart Kits
3/17/23209Partners for Care #27, Kenya131 Large, 78 Small, 40 Mini-Mart Kits
3/9/2317Honduras by AHMEN16 sewing machines, 10 Lg, 3 Pull, 4 small
3/1/238FAME5 Large, 1 Pull, 2 Small
2/17/2314via Penney Farms for Ecuador14 pulls
2/17/2342Americares, possibly for earthquake in Turkey and Syri42 pull
2/7/23176Partners for Care #26, Kenya126 Large, 20 Pull, 30 Small, 50 Mini marts, 48 sewing machines, other miscellaneous mobility
12/15/22182Partners for Care #25, Kenya132 Large, 20 Pull, 30 Small, 50 Mini marts, lots of used orthopedic/mobility devices
11/16/2262Aztec Ministry Tami Medical Brigade14 pull, 20 small, 28 large, 12 mini marts
11/10/2243to Brazos Valley for Liberian shipment30 Small, 13 Pull
10/6/2240MW FL-Penney Farms shop for future shipments to partners40 Small carts
9/21/2210Africa Surgery10 Small carts
9/19/2220Orphan Grain Train20 Small carts
9/19/2240Cameroon thru MW FL-Penney Farms shop40 Small carts
9/15/22140Partners for Care #24, Kenya90 Large, 20 Pull, 30 Small
8/5/2210Orphan Grain Train10 small carts
7/29/22130Sierra Leone114 Large, 10 small, 6 pull, 10 Mini-marts, And Many crutches, walkers, power chairs, shelving units, Box of Fasteners, 1 Power Wheelchair with batteries.
7/8/22196Partners for Care #23, Kenya40 small, 30 Pull, 126 Large, 50 Mini-marts
5/6/2220Hope4ThemNow, Mexico via Brazos Valley20 small
5/3/225AHMEN3 Pull carts, 2 small carts
5/3/22194Partners for Care #22, Kenya124 Large, 30 Pull, 40 Small, 50 Mini-marts
4/14/2238World Vision28 large, 10 small
3/30/2293Brother’s Brother Foundation21 large, 42 pull, 30 small
3/30/227Tech Serve International for Karanda Mission Hospital Zimbabwe3 large, 3 pull, and 1 small
3/29/2241Aztec Ministries, Mexico20 small, 7 pull, and 14 large
2/27/2240Orphan Grain Train, NE40 small
2/22/22189Partners for Care #21, Kenya99 Large, 60 Pull, 30 Small, 50 minimarts, 20 sewing machines
2/11/2231Orphan Grain Train, WI7 large, 14 pull, 10 small, 12 sewing machines
1/15/2231Orphan Grain Train, WI7 large, 14 pull, 10 small, 12 sewing machines
1/11/2271Aztec Ministry in Mexico6 large, 49 Pull, 16 small, 6 Mini-marts and pallet of walkers, canes & crutches, 28 sewing machines
10/22/2131Orphan Grain Train, Norfolk NE for around the world14 lg, 7 pull, 10 small, 4 minimarts
10/22/2150Kenya via Penney Farms50 small
9/16/21181Partners for Care, Kenya #20139 Large, 12 Pull, 30 Small, 50 MIni marts, 1 wheelchair, 16 Walkers, 10 crutches, 14 canes
9/3/2114Alfalit for Angola and Guinea14 Large carts
8/27/2149Aztec Ministry in Mexico49 pull
7/29/219Rainbow Network, Nicaragua9 large
7/22/2182MedShare (worldwide)28 Large, 40 Small, 14 Pull
7/20/21106Americares (worldwide)78 Large, 28 Pulls
7/20/2114MedShare, GA14 Pull
7/15/21191Partners for Care, Kenya #19161 Large, 10 Pull, 20 Small, 50 Mini-Marts,
6/23/2117Mexico7 pull, 10 small
5/12/21183Partners for Care, Kenya #18153 Large, 10 Pull, 20 Small, 50 Mini-Marts
4/13/2148Orphan Grain Train, Norfolk NE20 Small, 14 Large, 14 Pull,
3/31/216AHMEN for Honduras3 Large carts with minimarts and 3 Small Carts
3/26/211Ethiopia – Yeabe Medical Center and Rehabilitation LTD1 pull
3/19/2186Mexico – Aztec Ministry – Grace Aire Foundation28 large, 20 small, 38 Pull,    7 Mini-Marts
3/16/2112Honduras – Doors Slammed Open Ministries12 small
3/10/21196Partners for Care, Kenya, #1781 Large, 45 Pull, 70 Small, 50 Mini Marts, 32 Sewing Machines
2/24/2117Orphan Grain Train, Grand Island NE, for Dominican Republic10 small carts, 7 Large carts, 8 sewing machines
1/25/217Haiti7 Pull
1/9/215Rainbow Network for Nicaragua5 large, 10 sewing machines
12/18/20189Partners for Care, Kenya154 Large, 15 Pull, and 20 Small, 50 Minimarts, and 32 sewing machines, plus 23 shelf units
12/3/2014Brother’s Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh14 pull
11/16/208AHMEN for Honduras2 pull, 6 small
11/16/2017Brazos Valley for Liberia7 Pull and 10 small
11/4/2048MedShare for Nigeria28 pull, 20 small
10/23/2041Orphan Grain Train14 large, 7 pull, 20 small
10/14/2021Aztec Ministry – Grace-Aire Medical Foundation, Mexico7 large w/mini mart, 14 pull
10/1/20175Partners for Care for Kenya175 carts ( 140 large, 20 small, 15 Pull) 50 mini marts 56 sewing machines 3 barrels of ropes 27 shelf units 1 tub of tools
9/15/20180Americares for Zambia180 mobility carts, and 20 mini marts on 24 pallets: 40 small, 35 pull, 105 Large
8/12/2035Hospital Sisters Mission35 pull
7/2/2066Partners for Care, Kenya50 molded, 1 large, 10 Pull, 5 small carts
7/1/2044Aztec Ministry – Grace-Aire Medical Foundation, Mexico14 Pull, 30 small carts
7/1/2017Togo, 4 H.I.M.7 Pull, 10 small carts
6/30/205Rainbow Network, Nicaragua5 large carts
2/28/20188Partners for Care, Kenya152 large carts, 15 Pull carts, 21 small carts, & 50 Mini Marts
2/27/2028Orphan Grain Train21 large carts, 7 Pull carts
1/10/205Rainbow Network, Nicaragua5 large
1/15/2088Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach60 small, 28 pull
12/11/1914Orphan Grain Train, Grand Island Branch14 large, 4 small, 4 pull
11/26/19143Thailand, BCMF82 large, 31 small, 30 pull
11/22/1948 totalOrphan Grain Train21 large, 7 pull, 20 small, 16 sewing machines (paid by OGT)
10/17/19225Partners for Care, Kenya173 Large carts, 5 Pull carts, 10 Small carts, 50 Mini Marts, 20 sewing machines
9/25/19120Hope Haven International120 small
9/25/19spare partsAfrica Surgery (Sierra Leone) 
9/18/1920MedShare GA20 small
9/18/195AHMEN (Honduras)5 pull
9/18/1921Rotary MESA21 large
8/26/1962Orphan Grain Train28 large, 14 pull, 20 small, 24 sewing machines
8/1/1980Washington Overseas Mission, Honduras40 Columbia Large, 20 Pull, 20 child/small, 17 sewing machines, 9 minimarts, 37 walkers
7/26/1940Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach40 small
7/24/195Rainbow Network, Nicaragua5 large
7/11/19195Partners for Care, Kenya155 large, 20 pull, 20 small + 10 Mini marts
7/8/194Bolivia, Salesian Missions (via Paula McCrea Holtman)4 small
7/3/197Global Aid Network (GAiN)7 pull
6/26/1914Global Village Foundation Bali, Indonesia14 pull
6/6/1940MedShare Nigeria 
5/24/19167Benin thru MedShare 
4/26/19212MedShare Nigeria162 Large, 30 small, 20 pull
4/2/195Rainbow Network, Nicaragua5 large
3/11/19206Partners for Care, Kenya156 large, 10 pull, 40 small + 10 Mini marts
2/26/198AHMEN for Honduras4 pull, 4 small
2/4/19183AmeriCares105 large, 50 small, 28 pull
1/7/19182Kenya Relief142 large, 40 pull
12/21/1810MW Brazos Valley for Burma Children Medical Fund10 large, 5 mini mart
12/18/1834Washington Overseas Mission for Honduras27 large, 4 small, 3 pull
12/10/1854Orphan Grain Train14 large, 40 small
10/31/18153Partners for Care, Kenya123 large, 20 small, 10 pull
10/10/1827MW-Memphis for Haiti in February
BSEIPH (Bureau du Secrétaire d’Etat à l’Intégration des Personnes Handicapées)
20 small, 7 pull
10/8/185AHMEN for Honduras4 small, 1 pull
9/27/182101040i, Côte d’Ivoire150 large, 40 small, 20 pull
9/11/1810Africa Surgery, Inc, Sierra Leone10 small
8/17/1814Many Hands for Haiti14 pull
8/3/18196Partners for Care for Kenya136 Large, 40 small, 20 pull
7/3/1840Rotary Tanzania40 small
6/30/184Salesian Missions for Bolivia4 small
6/27/1822Partners for Care for Kenya22 large
6/20/1854MIERS: The International Mission for Evangelisation and Spiritual Revival for Benin40 small, 14 pull
5/30/18205Partners for Care for Kenya150 large, 30 pull, 25 small
5/11/1814Rainbow Network for Nicaragua10 large, 2 small, 2 pull
4/30/18200Partners for Care for Kenya150 large, 20 small, 30 pull
3/8/18114Orphan Grain Train56 large, 30 small, 28 pull
2/19/1893MedShare – CA56 large, 30 small, 7 pull
2/15/1840DIF, Acuna, Mexico
The Jocobo Rodriguez Foundation, Mexico
20 small
20 small
2/7/187AHMEN for Honduras4 small, 3 pull
1/25/18130Washington Overseas Mission for Honduras81 large, 21 pull, 28 small
1/15/18196Partners for Care for Kenya135 large, 40 small, 21 pull
12/19/173North Kansas City Rotary Club for Jamaica2 large, 1 small
11/29/17 180 1040i in Ivory Coast140 large, 40 small
11/3/1748Nepal Lions20 small, 28 pull
10/20/17201Kenya Relief129 large, 72 small
9/22/1752Orphan Grain Train42 large, 10 small
   9/11/17         8AHMEN in GA for Honduras 6 small, 2 Pull
8/30/1759Burma Children’s Medical Fund35 large, 10 small, 14 pull
 8/4/17 194Partners for Care in Kenya194 carts and 50 mini-marts
7/15/1720Orphan Grain Train20 small
6/28/17204Partners for Care in Kenya24 Small, 31 Pull, 149 Large, 15 mini-marts
  5/3/17 155Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital, Malawi 48 large, 86 small, 21 pull, 9 boxes of spare parts for maintenance
 3/24/17    4Cross Ministries for Togo thru United Methodist Church 4 small
 3/8/17180MedShare in CA for worldwide 133 large, 40 small, 7 pull
3/21/17205Partners for Care – Kenya115 large, 50 small, 40 pull
 1/30/17 42MedShare in GA for worldwide 42 large
1/18/1734World Vision in PA20 small & 14 Pull
1/11/173Jamaica thru N Kansas City Medical & Dental Team2 large and 1 small
12/17205Kenya Relief117 large, 48 small & 40 Pull
11/2180Orphan Grain Train for worldwide98 large, 40 small & 42 Pull
11/45Washington Overseas Mission in Honduras2 large, 2 small, 1 Pull
10/112051040i in Ivory Coast177 large, 10 Pull, 18 small
9/146AHMEN (Honduras)6 small
9/23Mission Mobility (Guatemala)3 small
August 17110World Vision – PA warehouse for worldwide70 large/Pull & 40 small
July 22180MedShare’s warehouse in CA for worldwide133 large, 40 small & 7 pull along with used walkers, crutches & canes
July 157FAME in IN4 large, 2 child, 1 Pull, 2 mini marts
June 2227Haiti20 child & 7 Pull
June 1010Love A Child for Haiti5 child & 5 Pull
May 1333Junta de Beneficencia de Guaya… in ECUADOR33 child
May 16196World Vision warehouse in PA21 child, 131 adult, 44 Pull
April 4 Kenya Relief in ALpallet of replacement parts for maintenance
March 23169Orphan Grain Train for worldwide50 child, 77 adult, 42 Pull
February 2614World Medical Mission in NC7 adult & 7 Pull
February 19143MedShare in CA for worldwide80 child, 35 adult, 28 Pull
February 2414AHMEN in AL for Honduras12 adult & 2 child
February 1291MedShare in GA for worldwideadult
January 1384Brother’s Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh for worldwideadult
January 185Hope Clinic in Guineapull, child & 3 adult
January 122Jamaica thru N Kansas City Medical & Dental Teamchild & adult


Missouri – Columbia

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