(Current year shipments)

Zambia, Africa

US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort

These are some of the shipments from our Affiliates that Mobility Worldwide helped coordinate in 2014:

12/18173 adultFL-Penney FarmsOrphan Voice in Vietnam
12/1824 adultIA-HawardenBenin, West Africa
12/1140 adult
10 child
50 total
MN-Twin CitiesTanzania via Global Health Ministries
12/1014 adultFL-Penney FarmsCaribbean American Children Foundation in Cuba
12/8154 adult
14 child
168 total
FL-Penney FarmsPoint Hope, Ghana
via US Navy Project Handclasp
12/273 adultKS-MoundridgeHope Haven
11/29114 adult
6 child
1 pull
121 total
TX-San AntonioArms of Mercy Honduras
11/1985 from TN-Memphis
86 from IA-Leighton
1 pull from MO-Columbia
172 total
11/18140 adult
23 child
12 pull
175 total
MO-ColumbiaJunta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil in Ecuador
11/12100IA-LeightonTN-Memphis for Haiti
11/46TX-Brazos ValleyDuncanville, TX UMC
11/341 adult
1 pull
20 child
62 total
MO-ColumbiaBrother’s Brother, Pittsburgh
10/31139 adult
36 child
175 total
TX-Brazos ValleyD.O.V.E. Fund, Vietnam
10/288TX-Brazos ValleyLake Pointe Church for Mexico
10/285 childMI-West MIAHMEN, Honduras
10/1524 childPET MI-West MIGlobal Aid Network
9/2444TX-Rio Grande ValleyLions Mexico
9/2320UT-Northern UtahMedShare, CA
9/1920 adult
5 child
5 pull
30 total
MO-ColumbiaNicaragua via Rainbow Network
9/1853IA-HawardenHope Haven
9/1742 childMI-West MID.O.V.E. Fund Vietnam via TX-Brazos Valley
9/162 pullMI-East MIMt. Joy
9/1148TX-Brazos ValleyMedShare, GA
8/2514TX-AustinDel Rio Lions for Acuna, Mexica
8/13100 Child
57 Adult
41 Pull
198 Total
MO-ColumbiaGleaning for the World
8/435 pullMI-East MIWorld Vision
8/180 child
14 pull
94 total
MO-ColumbiaMedShare CA
7/2236MI-West MIWorld Vision, Pittsburgh
7/22112IN-DeMotteWorld Vision, Pittsburgh
7/1619OH-StowWheels of Hope (Canton, Ohio) -> Hospital Shalom, Guatemala
7/1213MI-SalineWorld Vision, Pittsburgh
7/1012IA-HawardenHope Haven for Iraq
7/1090IA-LeightonWorld Vision, Denver
7/124 smallMI-West MIMedWish
6/2098IA-LeightonOrphan Grain Train
6/194TX-San AntonioLions of Mexico
6/1840 child
35 pull
75 total
MO-ColumbiaWorld Vision – Denver
6/1834MO-SouthwestOrphan Grain Train
6/1840 childMO-ColumbiaOrphan Grain Train
6/116 adult
10 child
12 pull
28 total
MO-ColumbiaFranciscan Mission Warehouse, Independence, MO
6/1135KS-MoundridgeACTS, The Republic of Georgia
6/1142MO-SouthwestACTS, The Republic of Georgia
6/6140 adult
22 pull
10 child
172 total
FL-Penney FarmsDOVE Fund, Vietnam
5/30156 smallMI-HollandIndia
5/1635 adult
35 pull
6 minimart
76 total
MO-ColumbiaUniversal Heart
5/25FL-TampaTogo West Africa Hospital
5/12IN-DeMotteGuatelmala Rotary
4/22168FL-Penney FarmsMedShare, Georgia
4/1825 childMO-ColumbiaMedShare, Georgia
4/174TX-San AntonioSabinas Puente Lions Club, Mexico
4/165 pull
5 child
10 total
MO-ColumbiaBaptist Medical Center, Ghana
4/1111OH-StowWheels of Hope – Guatamala
4/836TX-AustinMedical Bridges – Houston
4/220AL-NorthAHMEN – Honduras
3/2985TX-Rio Grande ValleyLions, Rio Bravo, Mexico
3/252AL-North AlabamaHaiti
3/2410TX-Brazos ValleyMaua Methodist Hospital, Kenya
3/1859IA-HawardenHope Haven
3/1820IN-DemotteFAME container
3/1348TX-Brazos ValleyMedical Bridges of Houston
3/12142 childIA-LeightonSierra Leone
3/1256 childMO-ColumbiaSierra Leone
2/1442IA-LeightonOrphan Grain Train
2/1460 child
42 pull
102 total
MO-ColumbiaOrphan Grain Train
2/1321MO-ColumbiaUniversal Heart
2/518 adult
2 child
20 total
TX-San AntonioAMIGA for Honduras
2/420TX-AustinLions – Del Rio for Mexico
2/435MO-SouthwestBrother’s Brother
1/3030 childMO-ColumbiaMedShare
1/2936 childMI-HollandGlobal Aid Network
1/2870FL-Penney FarmsMedShare GA
1/2237ZambiaMukushi SDA & Mukushi Persons with Disability in the Central province of Zambia
1/1414ZambiaSolwezi & Mufulira
1/973KS-MoundridgeHope Haven International
1/9154FL-Penney FarmsKer Yaaker in Senegal via U.S. Navy Project Handclasp
1/921IA-LeightonGlobal Aid Network
1/8133 adult
14 child
(60 child from MO-Columbia)
207 total
FL-Penney FarmsCBN Project Orphan Voice Vietnam
1/770WA-Inland NorthwestWheels for Humanity

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