(Current year shipments)

Zambia, Africa

US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort

These are some of the shipments from our Affiliates that PET International helped coordinate:

September 2012631040i in OK for Morocco and Ivory Coast
September 2012140D.O.V.E. Fund for Vietnam
Summer 2012232Shipments to MedShare in CA and GA
Summer 2012224Shipments to Gleaning for the World
April 2012420US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to the Assemblies of God in Nigeria
April 2012230US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to Mission Internationale D’Evangelisation Et De Reveil Spirituel in Benin
April 2012202Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons in Thailand
March 201254242 PETs and supplies to build another 500 to PET Zambia
February 2012210US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to Point Hope Foundation in Ghana
Early 20121602 shipments to MedShare in CA and GA
December 201120One of our FL Affiliates resupplies Hospital Albert
Schweitzer in Haiti.
December 201116One of our Affiliates in MO supplies Mennonites in
Paraguay. This being the first shipment to this country.
November 201120Our KS Affiliate provides Pull PETs for Samaritan’s
Purse for their worldwide work.
November 2011113US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to the
Dominican Republic
November 2011208US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to Hospital
Regional de Ayacucho in Peru
October 2011105US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers to Fundacion Ministerios Medicos Para Ninos in Colombia
October 2011170Orphan Grain Train
September 2011540Affiliates in FL, MO and TX supply Lions Clubs in India
September 201182Affiliates in MI & KS send
PETs to CHaRA for Tanzania
August 2011 181Gleaning for the World
May 2011130PET MO-Columbia donated 130 PET carts for Vista par todos, in Manta Ecuador
April 2011158PET Penney Farms donated 158 PET carts for Mission Inter Senegal
April 2011169PET San Antonio donated 169 PET carts to Arms of Mercy in Honduras
April 2011166PET East Jewett NY, PET TX-Luling/Brazos Valley, PET Memphis & PET Holland, MI combined 166 carts for Mission Internationale de Evangelism et de Reveil Spirituel in Benin
March 2011130PET MO-Columbia donated 130 PET carts for the ADHU in El Salvador
March 201150PET Holland, MI donated 50 child PET carts to MedShare 
March 2011174PET Tampa, PET TX-Luling/Brazos Valley and PET East MI donated a combined 174 PET carts to MedShare bound for Ecuador
March 201172PET Columbia, MO donated  PET carts to Hope Haven Int. for Tonga & Micronesia
February 201120PET Ann Arbor, MI donated 20 adult carts via Global Aid Network
January 2011105PET Penney Farms donated 105 PET carts to Care Belize
January 2011192PET Penney Farms donated 192 PET carts to Hope Haven Guatemala
January 201120PET Holland, MI donated 20 child PET carts to Rays of Hope bound for Haiti
January 201115PET Holland, MI donated 15 child PET carts to Arms of Mercy for Honduras
January 17, 2011180Gleaning for the World from 4 Affiliates
December 21, 2010181Orphan Grain Train for worldwide
December 12, 2010148Guatemala – Hope Haven International Ministries
November 17, 201028GAiN for worldwide
November 2010117Ivory Coast thru 1040 Initiative from 3 Affiliates
October 201080The Advantage Program in Haiti from 3 Affiliates
October 1, 2010145El Salvador – ADHU
September 2010500Zambia – supplies from many Affiliates to build 500 on location
June 18, 2010170Benin, West Africa from PET NY-East Jewett and PET TN-Murfreesboro
June 3, 2010205Ecuador from PET MO-Columbia via MedShare
February 12, 201027+Honduras thru PET KS-Moundridge
January 28, 20107Haiti thru Alfalit in FL
January 1, 2010152Honduras thru Arms of Mercy
December 9, 200915Uganda thru African Renewal Ministries
December 9, 200930NW Haiti Christian Mission in KY
December 1, 2009183MedShare in CA
November 13, 200970Guatemala thru Hope Haven IM
October 1, 2009210India to Lions Clubs
Fall 200940Cote d’Ivoire thru The Hanna Project
September 16, 2009189The Orphan Grain Train
July 29, 2009200ADHU in El Salvador
May 26, 200926Sudan with MU professor
May 19, 200966Sierra Leone
May 5, 2009179GAiN
April 21, 200918Honduras thru Washington Overseas Mission
April 14, 200925Sierra Leone
April 14, 20098Nicaragua thru Rainbow Network
March 23, 200996Guatemala thru Hope Haven IM
March 5, 2009205Chad/Darfur
Mar 1, 200920Mozambique
January – March 200916Hope Haven Intl Ministries
January – March 200916Sierra Leone built in country
January – March 2009138Zambia built in country
January – March 200954Mexico
January 19, 2009153The Orphan Grain Train
January 1, 2009140Nepal thru Lions Club
December 3, 2008178Tanzania
December 1, 200842GAiN (Global Aid Network)
December 1, 2008162Kyrgyzstan
December 1, 2008140Zambia
October 20, 2008150The Orphan Grain Train
Currentlyworking on shipment to Nepal and Angola
October 2, 2008144Gautemala thru Hope Haven
August 28, 2008168Cameroon – Baptist & Catholic Missions
Aug-0879Nairobi clinic
May – August 2008100Mexico
July 30, 2008152Kyrgyzstan, Orphan Grain Train
June 30, 2008150Iraq through US AID shipped by the US military
June 8, 200885Hope Haven for Guatemala
April 1, 200850Honduras
March 1, 200842Hope Haven for Chad
February 4, 2008158Hope Haven
February 1, 200834El Salvador
January 26, 20087Honduras
January 17, 200824Sierra Leone
January 12, 20086Nicaragua
January 1, 200880Honduras thru Dr. Foster Ministries
January 1, 200880Honduras thru Helping Hand Inc.
January 1, 200820Hope Haven
December 1, 200734El Salvador and Honduras
December 1, 200730Honduras thru Royal Heights UMC
December 1, 2007100Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Nicaragua thru Wheels for Humanity
December 1, 200740Mexico
November 29, 200785Hope Haven
November 27, 200716Hope Haven
November 19, 20079Mexico
November 1, 20071Ethiopia
October 30, 2007117Sierra Leone
October 1, 2007140Haiti thru Wheels for Humanity
Sept. 26, 2007173Hope Haven
Sept. 1, 200779Sri Lanka thru Lions Clubs
Sept. 1, 20072Tajikistan
August, 200784Hope Haven’s worldwide distribution
August, 200769Honduras thru Missions Unlimited in AL
May 30, 20072Zimbabwe thru KS mission
May 14, 200755Honduras thru Mercy Ships in TX
May 1, 200746Sierra Leone thru Mercy Ships in TX
May 1, 20071Mexico
April 25, 20077Honduras thru Missions Unlimited in AL
April, 2007111Honduras thru KS mission
April, 200722Mexico
March, 200797Zimbabwe thru Hope Haven
March 22, 2007554PET Zambia – supplies to build
March 4, 200734Honduras thru Missions Unlimited in AL
March to June 2007327Hope Haven’s worldwide distribution including Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya and Nicaragua
February 6, 200729Honduras thru Kansas mission
February 5, 200750Wheels for Humanity
January 23, 200785Hope Haven – Ecuador
January 22, 20078El Salvador
January 19, 20074El Salvador
January 19, 20078Honduras
December 23, 20061Honduras
December 18, 200630Hope Haven – Sierra Leone
December 15, 20061Africa
December 7, 200610Iraq thru 1st UMC in Manhattan, KS
December 4, 200648Honduras thru Dr. Foster in GA
December 4, 200650Mexico thru North TX Methodist Conference
November 28, 200681Hope Haven
November 28, 200620Honduras thru Mercy Ships
October 1, 200610Sierra Leone thru mission in Murfreesboro, TN
October 31, 2006180Sierra Leone thru Mercy Ships to New Steps
October 25, 200663Hope Haven
September 27, 200675Hope Haven
September 22, 20065El Salvador
August 31, 20062Nigeria thru Dr. Slusher in KY
August 30, 20061Mexico thru North TX Methodist Conference
August 29, 200666Hope Haven
August 28, 20061Phillipines Lions Club as model to start production
August 24, 200650Sierra Leone thru Mercy Ships to New Steps
August 22, 200684Hope Haven
August 10, 20062San Salvadore thru PET KS – Moundridge
July 1, 20061Jamaica
July 31, 200630Mexico thru PET TX – San Antonio
July 21, 200662Hope Haven
June 29, 200635Honduras Oak Ridge Clinic thru Mercy Ships Roratan
June 19, 200660Honduras thru Missions Unlimited in AL
July 18, 20067Mexico thru San Antonio Southwest Methodist Conference
June 17, 200650Mongolia, VietNam, Nicaragua, Mexico, Zimbabwe
June 5, 200650Sierra Leone thru Mercy Ships
June 5, 20066Mexico thru North TX Methodist Conference
June 15, 2006100Zambia – thru Pine Castle UMC in FL to New Life Center
June 9, 20062Peru – mission trip from FL to Tarapoto district
June 2, 20061Namibia
May 29, 200647Honduras – thru Missions Unlimited in AL
May 18, 200610Mexico – 1st UMC Manhattan, KS, mission trip
May 18, 200661Hope Haven International’s worldwide distribution
May 17, 200630Honduras – Dr. Foster’s (of GA) clinic
May 24, 20062Honduras – KS mission trip
May 1, 200620Mexico – thru San Antonio, TX, mission
April 25, 200690Hope Haven International’s worldwide distribution
April 3, 20061Haiti – mission trip from MA
March 31, 20062Peru – mission trip from FL to Tarapoto district
March 16, 200616Guatemala – Missionary Ventures Intl
March 16, 200684Uzbekistan – thru Hope Haven International in IA
February 22, 20061Mexico – thru Andrews Children’s Clinic in AZ
February 14, 2006112Honduras – thru Missions Unlimited in AL
February 9, 200633Uzbekistan – thru Hope Haven International in IA
February 6, 20063Mexico – 1st UMC McAllen, TX
January 6, 20061Thailand – Camp Tejas in TX
January 6, 200648Honduras – Send Hope
January 2, 200649Mercy Ships

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