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PET OH-Stow Makes First PET Deliveries in Guatemala!

Geovany dragged himself there, but came away full of gladness.

His story reflects how receiving a PET (Personal Energy Transportation) device can radically change a life for the better, to God’s glory. The before & after photo below shows how Geovany, who suffers from congenital limb defects, used to get around before he received his PET.

Geovany literally dragged himself to the PET distribution center in Guatemala. He was one of several PET recipients identified through the efforts of missionary Tim Spurrier and Hospital Shalom.


A Gift from God…

Vince Petno of PET OH-Stow was part of the missions team that registered Geovany, and coached him on how to mount and use his new mobility device. Giovanni, through an interpreter, heard how the PET was ‘un regalo de Dios’…a gift from God. His joyful response to this gift is evident in the ‘after’ side of the photo below.

Geovany and his fellow PET recipients also heard about the ultimate gift from God to man: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Image Capture


God working through His people.

Geovany’s story is just one of many amazing testimonies to the power of God, working through His people. Through that power, God can literally and spiritually lift up men and women, who bear the image of God. Geovany and his fellow recipients can now consider a new life of mobility and dignity. Likewise, the gift of a PET opens up new possibilities for economic, physical and social independence for Geovany and his peers.


God can also work through you.

You can be part of what God is doing through PET OH-Stow. Prayerfully consider these options:

Pray. PET OH-Stow desires your prayer support.

Give. A donation of $250.00 builds and ships a PET, to lift up a life and glorify God. Gifts of any size can help deliver mercy in motion. However, a $250.00 gift has a special option. It can be given ‘in memory of,’ or ‘in honor of’ a loved one. The specific PET cart produced and delivered will bear a sticker honoring that loved one.

Go. You can serve as a volunteer, helping build and ship PETs to God’s children in need. Your local service can have global impact.

For more information, or to donate, visit our website: . To give via mail, please send your donation to PET OH-Stow, 3760 Lovina Lane, Stow, OH 44224.

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